Post Photo Session

Selected Photographs

After the photo session, I’ll be busy selecting your photographs and airbrushing some of them. When I finish (usually it takes no more than 5 days), you will have the opportunity to see your images in the secure online gallery which I’ll only share with you. You can then choose images and products you would like to order and pay for.

Edited Photographs

The number of edited photographs depends on the kind of session we agree on.

The chosen by you images are fully re-touched, provided as high-resolution files, each one in at least two colour versions. They won’t have any copyright marks or watermarks. It gives you the absolute flexibility to share and publish your pictures online, print and present them any way you wish! Obviously, I retain copyrights of all photographs as well as intellectual property rights.

I also supply low resolution, web-ready photos which you can easily share on Facebook and other social sites.

If you would like to have extra post-processed pictures outside the original paid order, there is an additional price of £9 per photo.

Digital images on a pen drive or memory card

You can purchase a collection of pictures from your online gallery as digital files on a USB pen drive or memory card. Contact me for more details.

RAW files

I’m happy to supply you with the original RAW files of images you bought. There is also the possibility to purchase other RAW files - just let me know if you are interested.

I keep copies of your RAW files for at least 1 year. Edited images remain on my hard drive for no less than 3 years. That gives you the possibility to order extra photos within a considerable post-session timeframe.


I retain copyright of the photographs but you have the freedom to print and share them as you like. What you can’t do is to sell photos that I took or pass them off as your own work.

Your photos will appear on my website only if you wish them to. I will seek your permission should I decide to use your images to promote my photography via social media.