The location of your photo shoot is totally up to you. I would be happy to recommend some attractive spots as well. If a studio is needed, I’ll make the appropriate arrangements. The main thing is to find a place that is inspiring and relaxing.

I will prepare the session with you in the way that you want it and depending on what kind of photo shoot you choose and impression you wish to make. This may include the parts of your personality you’d like to emphasize, what the purpose of your session might be, where and when the session will be organised and so on. Normally, I'd contact you around ­2 weeks in advance of our meeting and we will run through everything then. Just to note, the longer the photo shoot you book, the easier you'll feel in front of the camera and the more time we will have to go through your potential ideas. Keep in mind, I'm always happy to give you some handy tips - just ask me!

You get to decide on the length of your session. The shortest session, for example, can take up to as little as 15 minutes; standard sessions last about 2-3 hours; a wedding session could take up to a full day.

If the weather isn’t suitable for the session, it can be rescheduled at no extra cost. We don’t need spectacular weather though! Overcast days are also perfect for photo shoots because clouds work as natural light diffusers that is flattering especially for portrait photography. What could stop us is persisting rain or very strong cross-winds (unless you are looking for some very dramatic photos or other special effects!).